1) In most major cities of the United States, the mayor __________ by a simple majority. a) is being elected b) is elected c) had been elected 2) The traditions in our family __________ from generation to generation, and I expect this will continue in the future. a) are going to be passed down b) were being passed down c) may have been passed down d) have been passed down 3) My passport __________ last year while I was on vacation. a) is stolen b) was stolen c) will be stolen 4) Most of the e-mail accounts at our company __________ by a virus last week. a) affected b) was affected c) were affected 5) Over 400 babies __________ in our community last year. a) born b) be born c) were born d) was born 6) It __________ that supplies of oil and natural gas may be exhausted in under 100 years. a) believes b) is believed c) is believing d) be believed 7) Where __________ that only men can become president of this club? a) it is written b) is it written c) is it being written 8) I think students __________ to major in the sciences at this university for the past several years. a) was being encouraged b) are being encouraged c) should be encouraged d) have been encouraged 9) Many issues __________ at the meeting by the time you arrived. a) are raised b) raised c) had been raised 10) Many important but rare species of plants __________ in the Amazon. a) finds b) are finding c) are found d) found 11) The people in the last row were __________ first. a) seating b) seat c) seated d) been seated 12) Details of the accident will __________ some time tomorrow. a) release b) be released c) are released d) being released






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