1) My brother is really ___ . He hates spending his money, and never lends me any. a) vain b) stingy c) bossy 2) Sally’s really nice, but very ___ . She believes anything you tell her. a) gullible b) judgemental c) spontaneous 3) Georgia is so ___ that she thinks everybody is talking about her all the time. a) industrious b) untrustworthy c) insecure 4) Amy is just about the most ___ person I know – she’s always going to parties and meeting new people.  a) cautious b) sociable c) sympathetic 5) Adam never listens to me. He always does things his own way. He’s incredibly ___ . a) stubborn b) considerate c) selfless 6) Grant isn’t shy at all. He’s really ___ , in fact, and very confident when meeting new people. a) outgoing b) self-satisfied c) eccentric 7) Jo tends to be ___ by nature. She won’t start doing something new until she knows exactly what it involves. a) considerate b) judgemental c) cautious 8) Patrick is really ___ . He’s always telling other people what to do. a) shrewd b) bossy c) creative 9) Arinda is a(n) ___ person. She does things when she feels like doing them, and doesn’t spend ages planning things. a) spontaneous b) cruel c) intelligent 10) My dad’s ___ sometimes. He gets angry about things and doesn’t look happy. a) passionate b) self-satisfied c) bad-tempered 11) Emily’s appearance is very important to her. She's ______ a) considerate b) vain c) selfish 12) Joe always seems to make very good decisions.  He's _______ a) shrewd b) gullible c) industrious 13) Sarah always puts other people’s needs and wishes before her own. She's __________ a) sociable b) shrewd c) selfless 14) Andy thinks about other people’s feelings.  She's __________ a) easy-going b) considerate c) insecure 15) Christina doesn’t care what other people think or say about her.  She's __________ a) vain b) self-satisfied c) thick-skinned 16) Anna is really rude – she never says ‘please’. ___________ a) bad-mannered b) self-satisfied c) insecure 17) That lady always wears unusual clothes and behaves strangely. She's __________ a) eccentric b) stingy c) judgemental 18) Jack is very unkind – he enjoys saying things that hurt other people. He's ____________ a) stubborn b) cruel c) considerate 19) When I was crying because my goldfish died, Sally was kind.  She's __________ a) sympathetic b) spontaneous c) outgoing 20) Patrick only thinks about his own ambitions.   He's ____________ a) untrustworthy b) insecure c) single-minded 21) Chris is interested in other people’s opinions. He's __________ a) single-minded b) open-minded c) quick-witted 22) Agnes always comes up with a clever answer or a sarcastic comment. She's ______ a) quick-witted b) self-confident c) open-minded


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