Think It: Rob is was more fun to hang out with than you., You're stupid., No one likes you., I'm on Jessica's team because I don't like you., Your hair looks stupid., You are a really good friend... WAY better than Jessica., You are not funny!, You're dumb!, I don't like you. , I really want to punch him. , You are talking way too much!, You really bother me., He is ugly!, Hah! I did better than you!, Why would I want to be your friend?, Say It: Would you please be quiet? I'm having trouble paying attention., I'm sorry, I'd like to play with Kayla today, but maybe another time we can play something together., Your drawing is really good., You are a really good friend., I like that shirt you are wearing., That is so funny!, It was nice of you to help me. , Can we please talk about this another time?, You did a great job on that project., Someone trips and you want to know if they are okay., She is so nice., Could you please help me?, Can you please give me some space?, Maybe we can try something different., You have something stuck in your hair.,


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