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Worship - Act of religious praise and devotion. Honouring God., Liturgical worship - Church service that follows a set order and structure., Non-liturgical worship - A service that doesn’t have a set order or structure., Informal worship - Type of non-liturgical worship that is spontaneous e.g. Quaker and charismatic Christian worship, Private worship - When a person worships God by themselves, Prayer - Speaking to God, Set prayers -  Prayers that are written down and used by many Christians, The Lord’s Prayer - Set prayer taught by Jesus aka the ‘Our Father’, Informal prayer - Made up by a person using their own words, Sacaraments - Christian rituals where believers receive God’s grace (free gift of love). Roman Catholics practice seven sacraments, most churches practice two while others don’t practice any., Baptism - Christian sacrament representing entrance into the Christian faith. Usually involves water., Infant baptism -  Aka christening. Some Christians (e.g. Catholics) baptise infant baptism by pouting water on a baby’s forehead. They believe this removes original sin and means the baby can now enter heaven., Believers’ baptism -  Other Christians (e.g. Baptists) practice believer’s baptism by immersing an adult into a pool of water. They believe that a person should be old enough to choose for themselves.,

AQA Christian practices


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