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Early life... - Siddhartha Gautama was born an Indian prince around 2500 years ago. He grew up surrounded by luxury and never experienced hardship or suffering., According to Jataka 075.... - Siddhartha came across a sick man, old man, dead man and holy man., Ascetic.... - Siddhartha lived for six years as this., The buddha was enlightened when... - ... he meditated under a tree and was tempted by the demon Mara.  , 3 watches of the night - ... he became enlightened and from then on known as the Buddha., Nibbana - Literally means ‘blown out.’ Freedom from suffering and rebirth., 1. The truth of suffering (dukkha) -  Life is full of suffering., 2. The truth of the causes of suffering - Suffering is caused by craving (tanha) and also by the Three Poisons., 3. The truth of the end of suffering - Suffering can be ended by ending craving and the three poisons. ., 4. The truth of the path to end suffering - The path end suffering is the Middle Way and consists of eight practices (the Eightfold Path), When a person ends suffering... - .... they become enlightened and achieve nibbana,

AQA Buddhist beliefs 2


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