amphibian - a cold-blooded vertebrate that can live in water and on land, biome - a natural area of vegetation and animals, carnivore - an animal that eats meat, classification key - a system which divides things into groups or types, criteria - a factor on which something is judged, environment - all the physical surroundings on Earth including everything living and non-living, excretion - the process of eliminating waste from the body, fish - cold-blooded (mainly) vertebrates that can only live in water, habitat - the natural environment in which an animal or plant normally lives or grows, herbivore - an animal that only eats plants, invertebrate - a creature that does not have a spine (back bone), life processes - the seven processes that tell us that living things are alive, mammal - a warm-blooded vertebrate that breathes air and grows hair, microhabitat - a small part of the environment that supports a habitat, nutrition - the process of taking food into the body and absorbing nutrients, omnivore - person or animal that eats both meat and plants, organism - a living thing, reproduction - when an animal or plant produces one or more copies of itself, reptiles - cold-blooded vertebrates, vertebrate - a creature which has a spine,

Year 4 Living Things & Their Habitats - Key Vocabulary




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