Amy is 11 ____ old. She ____ in London and ____ to a primary school. She never ____ to school late and she is a good student. She ____ speak French and Spanish. She ____ sports. She ____ and ____ in winter with her parents. She also likes basketball. She can ____ a ball very high. She also ____ a ball very well. She ____ like swimming, because she is ____ of water. Jim is 10 years old. He ____ in Sidney, Australia. He ____ to swim, because he lives near the ocean. He can ____ long distances and he also can ____. He is not a very good student. He sometimes ____ late to school and he can´t sit calm during the lessons. He is ____ moving. Lena is Ukranian. She ____ in Kiev. She ____ reading a lot. She ____ very much about animals and nature. She never ____ her friends birthday and always ____ them presents. She ____ like drawing but she loves asking questions. She always ____ her teacher some questions. And she always ____ the answers. Karim is ____ India. He ____ in Dehli. He is 9 and he likes to speak. He ____ a lot. Sometimes he also ____ a lot. He ____ a very good student. He never ____ his books and pencils and always ____ his homework. He also ____ his Mom in the kitchen. He ____ to mix the ingredients to make cakes and bread. He often ____ his friend to eat their cakes and breads.

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