A new train line will open in time for the Olympics. It will take people from the airport to the Olympic area. (P), The number 3 green bus goes to the city centre from here. It leaves every half an hour. (P), Mandy fell off her scooter. She injured herself. (P), They’re going to send our parents a letter. It will tell them about the school trip to the transport museum. (P), That’s a cable car for skiers. It goes from the village to the top of the mountain. (P), Helicopters fly over the Grand Canyon all the time. They take tourists on thirty-minute flights. (P), Ferry boats leave this harbour all the time. They visit the San Juan Islands. (P), The tennis tournament is in July. It will take place at Wimbledon., The musicians were talented. They played in that festival yesterday., The people are singing in the concert. They are my friends., I’ve got a painting of a horse. The horse belongs to my grandfather., She has written a thrilling screenplay. It was adapted from a children’s book., I have an unusual picture on my bedroom wall. It was painted by my best friend., She is appearing in a play. It is showing in the West End next month., The man was very old. He conducted the orchestra last night., The Guangzhou Opera House looks futuristic. It was designed by a British architect., The tournament will be watched by rugby fans around the world. It will take place in New Zealand..


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