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painting - a picture that someone has painted, art gallery - a building where you can go to look at painting and other art, portrait - a picture of a person, landscape - a picture of the countryside, foreground - the part of a picture that looks like it's near you, background - the part of a picture that looks like it's far from you, sculpture - an animal, a shape, or a person made from stone, wood, etc, mural - a very big picture painted on the wall, row - to move your boat through the water using oars, stare - to look at something or someone for a long time, smoke - the white gas that you see in the air when there's a fire, borrow - When you use something and then you give it back to the person it belongs to, hit - to make a sudden violent contact, splash - a small amount of water that falls onto something, float - to stay on top of the water and not go under, tie - to attach something using a rope,

family and friends 6 unit 1 vocabulary


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