1) You're walking along the street when suddenly you see someone who you went to primary school with. You say: a) Wow! I'm not seeing you for years! b) Wow! I haven't seen you for years! 2) Later that day, you tell your sister about seeing your old school friend. You say: a) I have seen my old schoolfriend today! b) I saw my old schoolfriend today! 3) Your sister wants to know more. What does she ask? a) How long do you know her? b) How long have you known her? 4) You say... a) I've known her for almost twenty years! b)  I've known her since almost twenty years! 5) Your sister asks another question. What does she say? a)  Are you wanting to see her again? b)  Do you want to see her again? 6) What do you say to your sister? a) Yes! We're having lunch next Saturday. b) Yes! We have lunch next Saturday. 7) Your sister is asking lots of questions! Next, she says... a) Does she have a husband and children? b) Has she had a husband and children? 8) You say... a) She has worn a wedding ring, so I think she's married b) She wears a wedding ring, so I'm thinking she's married. c) She wears a wedding ring, so I think she's married.

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