1) An ___________ is detail about task progress recorded in a project plan? a) Event b) Incident c) Indicator d) Actual 2) A ________________ is the original plan, saved for later comparison with the revised or updated plan a) Deadline b) Baseline c) Note d) Milestone 3) ______________ is the recording the actual progress of work completed and the costs accrued for a project's tasks? a) Tracking b) Evaluating c) Reviewing d) Scheduling 4) The ___________ date that you specify determines how Project calculates earned value data? a) Start b) End c) Status d) Current 5) Update Project marks all tasks in a project as complete to a specific status date? a) True b) False 6) Which tools in Project can make specific updates to selected tasks? a) Percent Complete b) Time Complete c) Update Tasks d) Mark On Track e) Mark On Time f) Out Of Time 7) In Update Tasks you can record actual start, finish, work and duration? a) True b) False 8) The _______________ view can be used to record actual and remaining work? a) Task Usage b) Calendar c) Network Diagram d) Resource Form 9) The _________________ in the Task View is used to enter detailed actual and remaining work for tasks and assignments? a) Timephased Grid b) Work Grid c) Cost Grid d) Labour Grid 10) The ____________________ is a series of tasks that must occur on time for the overall project deadline? a) Essential Path b) Critical Path c) Deadline Path d) Duration Path 11) After actual data has been entered you may need to make modifications to your project plan? a) True b) False 12) ___________ are used to inspect a project plan? a) Cells b) Fields c) Filters d) Records 13) In Project you can NOT reschedule incomplete work by specifying a date which work can resume? a) True b) False 14) A _______________can be used to create a built-in report in Project? a) Dashboard b) Infoboard c) Databoard d) Viewboard 15) Custom reports can NOT be created in Project? a) True b) False




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