1) An animal that symbolizes evil and bad luck and is witch’s pet a) a bat b) an owl c) a black cat 2) A hollowed out pumpkin with a face cut in one side and a candle put inside. a) Jack-o-lantern b) Tom-o-lantern c) Miss Pumpkin 3) A small creature that catches insects in a web. a) a rat b) a spider c) a frog 4) A large round metal container used for cooking over fire. a) a pan b) a pot  c) a cauldron 5) A pointed covering for the head that witches wear. a) witch hat b) witch cap c) witch crown 6) Sweet food made of sugar. a) a cake b) candies c) biscuits 7) Nocturnal small animals that look like mice with wings. a) bats b) rats c) cats 8) A spirit of a dead person represented as a pale, transparent image. a) skeleton b) mummy c) ghost 9) A woman with evil magic powers. a) witch b) wizard c) fairy 10) A typical Halloween character that is a vampire. a) Werewolf b) Dracula c) Troll 11) A frame of bones that supports a human body. a) a ghost b) a skeleton c) a zombie 12) Large round vegetables with hard orange skin. a) eggplants b) courgette c) pumpkins 13) A brush on the end of a long handle that witches use to fly. a) a wire brush b) a broom c) a mop 14) Children dress up frightening costumes and visit people’s homes to demand sweets. a) trick or treat b) apple bobbing c) strolling


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