1) Sylvia _______________________ the builders replace the window they broke. a) had b) got c) made 2) Tom __________________________his sister to help him with his homework. a) wants b) would prefer c) makes 3) I’m hoping to _________________________ my computer fixed soon. a) get b) keep c) have 4) They_________________________the students working in the library. a) left b) wanted c) found 5) I’m sorry we _________________________ the gate open. a) left b) kept c) got 6) The pop star ______________________his fans waiting in the rain. a) kept b) made c) left 7) Jill _______________________ her hair cut. a) wanted b) made c) got 8) We _________________________ Tricia paint the walls in her bedroom. a) had b) got c) made 9) I __________________________ my school to spend more money on sports equipment. a) want b) ’d prefer c) like 10) We _________________________ the cat hiding under the sofa. a) left b) got c) found


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