1) How long is primary education in Croatia? a) 8 years b) 5 years c) 7 years d) 9 years 2) Is primary and secondary education expensive? a) Yes, very b) It's not expensive c) It's free 3) At what age do children start primary school? a) 5 or 6 b) 6 or 7 c) 8 d) 8 or 9 4) Of what does the education system in Croatia consists? a) only kindergarten b) kindergartens and preschool institutions c) only preschool institutions 5) What is literacy rate in Croatia? a) 99.13% b) 80.26% c) 56.47% d) 13.5% 6) Which language is most often taught in Croatian schools? a) English b) German c) Croatian sign language d) Italian 7) How long is a school day in Croatia? a) 8 to 10 hours b) 5 to 6 hours c) 6 to 8 hours 8) How much is collage in Croatia? a) from HRK 10000 to 150000 Croatian kuna/year b) from HRK 2000 to 10000 Croatian kuna/year c) from HRK 70000 to 90000 Croatian kuna/year 9) Do you need religious education in Croatian schools? a) Yes, you need to b) No, it is a voluntary subject


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