1) I _____________ from Portugal. a) am b) is c) are d) be e) I don't know 2) This is my friend. _____________ name is John. a) Her b) Our c) Yours d) His e) I don't know 3) Nadia is ____________ . a) my sister's friend b) friend my sister c) friend from my sister  d) my sister's friend's e) I don't know 4) My brother is ______________ artist. a) the b) an c) a d) I don't know 5) _____________ 20 desks in the classroom. a) There is b) This is c) They are d) There are e) I don't know 6) Mohammed _________________ action films. a) likes not b) don't like c) doesn't like d) isn't likes e) I don't know 7) Sorry, I can't talk. I ________________ at the moment. a) driving b) ' m driving c) drives d) drive e) I don't know 8) She __________________ at school last week. a) didn't be b) weren't c) wasn't d) isn't e) I don't know 9) I _______________ the film last night. a) like b) likes c) liking d) liked e) I don't know 10) _________________ a piece of cake? No, thank you. a) Do you like b) Would you like c) Want you d) Are you like e) I don't know 11) The living room is _______________ than the bedroom. a) more big b) more bigger c) biggest d) bigger e) I don't know 12) The car is very old. We're going _________________ a new car soon. a) to buy b) buying c) to will buy d) by e) I don't know 13) Jane is a vegetarian. She _______________ meat. a) sometimes eat b) never eats c) often eats d) usually eats e) I don't know 14) There aren't _________________ buses late in the evening. a) some b) any c) no d) at e) I don't know 15) The car park is _______________ to the restaurant. a) next b) opposite c) behind d) in front e) I don't know 16) Andy _______________ shopping every day. a) is going b) go c) going d) goes e) i don't know 17) ___________? I'm from Italy. a) Where are you from b) Where you are from c) Where from you are d) From where you are e) I don't know 18) I'm from Milan. ____________ is in Italy. a) They b) It c) He d) She e) I don't know 19) Excuse me, how __________ your last name? a) spell b) you spell c) do you spell d) spell you e) I don't know 20) Oh, __________, are my keys! a) This b) These c) That d) It e) I don't know 21) This is your __________ . a) pen b) pens c) a pen d) an pen e) I don't know 22) _____________? No, he isn't. a) Are they teachers? b) Is this your phone? c) Are you from Portugal? d) Is your brother a teacher? e) I don't know 23) ____________ is the school? It's 50 years old. a) How many years b) How much years c) What years d) How old e) I don't know 24) What is ____________ ? a) job Mary b) Mary job c) Mary's job d) jobs Mary e) I don't know 25) ____________ is my bag? On the table. a) What b) When c) Where d) Who e) I don't know 26) I go to work ___________ train. a) with b) by c) for d) in e) I don't know 27) What time __________ work? a) starts he b) do he starts c) does he starts d) does he start e) I don't know 28) There aren't ____________ here. a) a restaurants b) any restaurants c) any restaurant d) a restaurant e) I don't know 29) Brad Pitt is a popular actor but I don't like __________ . a) him b) his c) her d) them e) I don't know 30) We ___________ a film at the cinema last week. a) see b) saw c) sees d) were see e) I don't know 31) He _____________ football with me yesterday. a) doesn't played b) didn't played c) not played d) didn't play e) I don't know 32) This party is boring. We __________ a good time. a) don't have b) aren't having c) don't having d) aren't have e) I don't know 33) I ____________ my computer very often. a) i'm not using b) don't use c) doesn't use d) and not use e) I don't know 34) It's my mum's birthday next week. I _________ her a present. a) buy b) buys c) am going to buy d) buying e) I don't know 35) What _________ do after school today? a) are you going to b) are you c) do you d) you e) I don't know 36) We usually __________ the shopping in a supermarket. a) make b) do c) have d) go e) I don't know 37) He doesn't have a car so we often use public ___________ . a) transport b) taxi c) car d) bus e) I don't know 38) Do you like Chinese ____________ ? a) kitchen b) meal c) food d) cook e) I don't know 39) Suzanne is over there. She's ___________ a brown jumper. a) having b) wearing c) doing d) walking e) I don't know 40) I love this watch! It's ____________ . a) cheap b) small c) beautiful d) ugly e) I don't know




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