1) How old are you? 2) Do you live in a big house or a small house?  3) What’s your favourite sport? 4) What toys do you play with? 5) How old is your friend? 6) Is your teacher a man or a woman? 7) What’s your friend’s name? 8) Where do you read books? 9) Who do you play with? 10) Where do you see your friend?  11) What’s your father’s name? 12) Where do you learn English? 13) What colour is your hair? 14) What do you do with your friends?   15) What do you eat for lunch? 16) What sport do you watch on TV? 17) Where’s your computer?  18) How many brothers and sisters have you got? 19) How many rooms are there in your flat / house? 20) What clothes do you wear at school? 21) How many people are there in your family? 22) Do you live in a flat or a house? 23) What’s your mother’s name? 24) Where do you go with your friends? 25) Who lives in your house / flat? 26) Where do you watch television?   27) What’s the name of your school? 28) Where do you listen to music? 29) Is your bedroom big or small? 30) What do you wear at home?  31) How many teachers have you got? 32) What do you do at school? 33) How do you go to school in the morning? 34) What sport do you play with your friends?   35) Who watches TV with you? 36) Is your teacher old or young? 37) What games do you play?   38) How old is your friend? 39) What clothes do you like? 40) What do you like drinking? 41) What’s your favourite room? 42) What do you drink for breakfast? 43) What pet would you like to have? 44) Where do you play? 45) What toys do you play with? 46) How many people live in your house?  47) Where do you have breakfast? 48) What do you like wearing? 49) What are you wearing today? 50) Where do you live? 51) What can you draw with a pencil? 52) Is your school big or small? 53) What’s your favourite fruit? 54) What’s your favourite animal? 55) What food do you like? 56) Who do you sit next to at school? 




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