Did you sit in a car or a truck?, Did you stand beside your uncle or your aunt?, Did you get an iPad or a laptop for your birthday?, Did you forget to send him a text or an email?, Did you swim in the lake or the river?, Did you speak to your grandfather or your cousin?, Did you drive your BMW or your scooter?, Did you feel great or did you feel terrible?, Did you hurt your leg or your foot?, Did you have a good or bad time?, Did you think she was a girl or a boy?, Did you sleep well or poorly?, Did you take WestJet or Air Canada to Vancouver?, Did you wear a suit or nothing to school?, Did you write a letter or an essay?, Did you steal her heart or her credit card?, Did you sing a French or a German song?, Did you send your friend a parcel or a postcard?, Did you read the story or the poem?, Did you teach English or French?, Did you fly in a sailplane or a hanglider?, Did you feed your cat or your fish?, Did you eat Thai food or English food last night?.


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