1) When I arrived at the cinema, the film ___________ a) have started b) had started c) had start 2) She _________ in China before she went to Thailand. a) has lived b) had lives c) had lived 3) After they __________ the shellfish, they began to feel sick. a) had eaten b) had ate c) had eat 4) Julie didn't arrive until after I__________ a) have leave b) had lefted c) had left 5) When we__________ dinner, we went out. a) has finished b) had finishes c) had finished 6) He__________her somewhere before. a) had met b) had meeted c) had meet 7) We were late for the plane because we_________our passports. a) had forget b) had forgotten c) had forgot 8) They________so we went to a restaurant. a) hadn't eaten b) haven't eaten c) hadn't ate 9) The children_________their homework, so they were in trouble. a) hadn't do b) hadn't did c) hadn't done 10) He_________email before, so I showed him how to use it. a) hadn't uses b) hadn't used c) hadn't use




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