When - do you get home from work? (At six thirty), Who - is your favorite actor? (Tom Hanks), Are - you good at cooking? (Yes, I am), How often - do you speak English? (Every day), How much - water do you drink a day? (4 glasses), What kind  - of music do you like? (Hip hop music), Which - country would you like to visit, Japan or Korea? (Japan), Can - you ride a bicycle? (Yes, I can.), How - are you feeling now? (I feel happy), Have - you ever been skiing? (No, I haven't), Where - do you live? (Madrid), How many - people live in your house? (Four), Do - you play a musical instrument? (I don't), What - is your favorite color? (Blue), How long - does it take you to get to work? (Thirty minutes), How old - are you? (Forty three years old),




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