Last weekend I ____ out with a guy I met at my friend's house. We ____ along well at first because we both like surfing. Then, the waiter ____ with our food and I noticed that my date didn't say thank you. Also, he ____ so fast that he finished his salmon in 5 minutes! I ____ not sure what to do! On Saturday, my sister ____ me up on a blind date. We ____ a movie at the local theater. We were watching a horror film and he suddenly ____ screaming! The person next to us ____ him to stop, but he didn't. I ____ before the movie ended! I went on a date with a girl that I ____ at kickboxing class. I ____ she seemed very nice. We went to a bar and ____ martinis. I realized that she ____ the whole night looking at her phone. I ____ a joke about it, but she didn't laugh.


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