1) Lucy’s plane ... at 10.30 a.m. a) leaves b) will leave c) is leaving d) leave e) are leaving 2) I ... to your house tomorrow a) will come b) am coming c) come d) comes e) coming 3) The train ... in London at 11.00 p.m. a) is arriving b) arrive c) will arrive d) arrives e) are arriving 4) Susan ... shopping with Ann this afternoon. a) is going b) will go c) goes d) go e) going 5) When I ... my homework, I’ll see my friends a) will finish b) finishing c) finish d) finishes e) am finishing 6) We ... our test this morning. a) are doing b) will do c) doing d) do e) is doing 7) Let’s run home before it ... a) is raining b) rains c) rain d) will rain e) is rainning 8) They ... in the choir next Sunday. a) sing b) is singing c) sings d) will sing e) are singing 9) Mr. Reads ... his poems tonight. a) is reading b) Is readding c) reads d) read e) will read 10) Send me a text message, in case you ... late. a) Is being b) be c) are d) will be e) is 11) Mum ... pizza for dinner on Sunday. a) is cooking b) will cook c) cook d) cooks e) is cookking 12) As soon as we ... ready, we’ll phone you. a) are been b) be c) are d) will be e) are bing 13) Our English lesson ... in half an hour. a) starts b) is starting c) start d) starting e) will start 14) Please, wait here until Mr. Hill ... back. a) is coming b) coming c) come d) comes e) will come 15) Abbie ... you a present tomorrow evening. a) is buying b) is buing c) buy d) will buy e) buys




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