1) You like tea, a) do you? b) don't you? c) are you? 2) Your dad doesn't like rugby, a) doesn't he? b) do you? c) does he? 3) That was a great meeting , a) wasn't it? b) doesn't it? c) was it? d) is it? 4) He goes to school, a) don't he? b) doesn't he? c) do he? d) does he? 5) The report is ready, a) is it? b) doesn't it? c) isn't it? 6) You work in HR, a) don't you? b) doesn't you? c) do you? d) are you? 7) You are tired, a) are you? b) aren't you? c) do you? 8) He is sick, a) do he? b) does he? c) is he? d) isn't he? 9) She isn't tired, a) does she? b) do she? c) is she? d) isn't she? 10) Yesterday he played tennis, a) doesn't he? b) don't he? c) didn't he? 11) Yesterday he didn't go to school, a) does he? b) do he? c) did he? 12) Yesterday we played volleyball, a) did we? b) didn't we? c) do we? d) don't we? 13) You weren't very hungry, a) were you? b) wasn't you? c) weren't you? 14) They are doing their homework, a) are they? b) aren't they? c) do they? 15) You had a daughter, a) had you? b) wasn't you? c) didn't you?




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