1) Does he normally clean windows? a) Yes, he does. b) Yes, he is. 2) Is he cleaning a window now? a) Yes, he does. b) Yes, he is. 3) What is he doing now? a) He cleans a window. b) He is cleaning a window. 4) What does he usually do? a) He cleans windows. b) He is cleaning windows. 5) Are they teaching? a) No, they don't. b) No, they aren't. 6) Do they teach? a) Yes, they do. b) Yes, they are. 7) What do they do (for a living)? a) They teach. b) They are teaching. 8) What are they doing at the moment? a) They watch television. b) They are watching television. 9) Does he take photographs? a) Yes, he does. b) Yes, he is. 10) Is he taking a photograph now? a) No, he doesn't. b) No, he isn't. 11) What is he doing? a) He has a bath. b) He is having a bath. 12) What does he do? a) He takes photos. b) He is taking photos. 13) Is she driving a bus? a) No, she doesn't. b) No, she isn't. 14) Does she drive a bus? a) Yes, she does. b) Yes, she is. 15) What is she doing? a) She plays the piano. b) She is playing the piano. 16) What does she do? a) She drives buses. b) She is driving a bus.


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