snowmen, Santa Claus, bell, winter solstice, festive, gift, vacation, party, bonus, Jesus Christ, Christianity , Virgin Mary, Bethlehem, street lights, shepherd, angel, Nativity scene, sled, skater, greeting card, ornament, commercial, Christmas Eve, Christmas tree, ham, turkeu, sweet potato, fruit cake, plum pudding, mince pie, exchange gifts, chimney, sleigh, reindeer, legend, St. Nicholas, stocking, decorate, evergreens, glass ball, star, mistletoe, poinsettia, carol, Messiah, The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, Hanukkah, triumph, Jerusalem, holy temple, eternal lamp, miracle, menorah, Kwanza, Swahili, unity, self-determination, collective responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, faith, candle, feast, eggnog, champagne, New Year's Eve, horn, toast, kiss, Times Square, ball-lowering ceremony, confetti, balloon, fireworks, resolution, Janus, Lunar calendar, Yuan Tan, Festival of Lanterns, glass lanterns, Rosh Hashanah, self-appraisal, repentance, nostalgia .


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