1) Katie is upset because the volleyball coach didn't pick her for the team. What might be a better reaction? a) Katie could think, "maybe he does like me, but thinks I need to improve more before I can make the team" b) He is a mean person who only picked the popular kids.  c) Katie thinks the coach must be thinking, "She is annoying, so I'm not letting her on the team" 2) Stefanie thinks her friend is rude because she won't let Stefanie use her cell phone to check her Youtube account. What might be a more likely reason? a) Her friend thinks Stephanie is dumb for being so obsessed with Youtube. b) It's possible that her friend's parents told her she can't let others use her phone because it was really expensive.  c) Her friend thinks Stefanie will break it because she is so clumsy.  3) Jayden's pencil is missing, so he starts accusing his classmates of stealing it. What is a more expected reaction Jayden could have? a) He could start going through his classmates' pencil cases to find who took it.  b) He could start swearing and screaming at everyone. c) He could think to himself, "Maybe I lost it, but I can ask one of my friends to borrow one. " 4) Mason sees his friends laughing and looking in his direction. What an expected behavior response to this? a) He thinks, "It's possible they are just laughing about a joke, and not at me." b) He runs to his teacher to say that he is being bullied- he KNOWS they are laughing at his new haircut.  c) Mason yells out that it's rude to laugh at someone else's expense.  5) Steven really doesn't want to go to Science today. How could he try to make the experience better? a) He could just keep his camera off and play video games instead.  b) He could change his attitude and tell himself that maybe they will watch a fun experiment and learn something new.  c) He could tell his teacher he isn't feeling well and take a nap instead.  6) Which of these statements is most likely true of this photo? a) He is excited because it is his birthday!! b) He is upset that no one came to his party. c) He is really happy to eat dessert. 7) Which of these statements is most likely true of this photo? a) She feels happy that a friend invited her over after school. b) She is scared of a dog chasing her. c) She feels upset that she forgot her homework. 8) Which of these statements is most likely true of this photo? a) He is excited to work with his partners on their ELA project.  b) He is confused and not sure how to ask for help.  c) He is angry because his brother took his Halloween candy.  9) Which of these statements is most likely true of this photo? a) They are happy because their friends surprised them at the park.  b) They are disappointed that no one will play with them.  c) They are worried that they will get in trouble for their test grades.  10) Which of these statements is most likely true of this photo? a) She is angry that her friends didn't want to do homework with her. b) She is tired after staying up late doing homework.  c) She is excited to see a new movie after school.  11) Which of these statements is most likely true of this photo? a) He doesn't want his picture taken for the yearbook. b) He can't wait for pizza at lunch today.  c) He is annoyed that he has piano practice after school today. 12) Which of these statements is most likely true of this photo? a) He cannot wait to see his friends at the park today.  b) He is really angry at his friend for calling him a mean name. c) He is feeling confident and ready for his test next period.  13) Which of these statements is most likely true of this photo? a) He feels excited to go to his favorite restaurant tonight. b) He is excited because everyone is giving him their electronic devices.  c) He is feeling overwhelmed because too many people are asking him questions. 14) Henry was playing Minecraft and got so distracted, he missed the bus to school! Now, his mom needs to take him to school, and may be late to work. How do you think his mom is feeling right now? a) She is feeling angry with the bus driver.."I can't believe he didn't wait for Johnny!!" b) She is worried she might be late to work, and her boss will be upset. She is also feeling annoyed with Johnny's irresponsible behavior. .  c) She is feeling so proud that he is getting so far in minecraft! 15) Jackson told Karen that his parents are getting divorced and he has to move to Iowa. How could Karen use perspective taking to respond? a) She can tell Jackson that everyone already knows and has been talking about it.  b) She can tell him that it's not that big of a deal; people get divorced all the time. He should get over it.  c) She could say, "I'm so sorry you're going through this. What can I do to help?" 16) The School Social Worker joins your zoom class. What is a reasonable thing to be thinking? a) You could think, " I know the Social Worker is here just to observe me and make me feel stupid later." b) You think that the SW just wants to see how students in your class interact with each other. She may also want to see if I'm participating, but no one would know, even if she is watching me. c) You are humiliated! You just know that she's in here to punish you for not coming to group, and she is going to criticize your behavior this whole class. 17) You just started a new school year, and you and your new friends walk into the cafeteria laughing together. You see your best friend from last year sitting alone. How do you think he might be feeling? What is the best way to respond? a) Michael feels like you are being fake with your new friends. You decide to pretend you don't see him. b) Michael feels happy that you made new friends. You decide to just talk to him later. c) Michael likely feels a little hurt and left out. You walk over and invite him to sit with your new friends. 18) On your zoom class, one student constantly blurts out their comments. How can you participate in an appropriate way? a) You can make comments in the chat to everyone about how annoying he/she is. b) You send a private chat to your teacher to please call on you because you don't want to interrupt.  c) You click the raise hand button and sit silently, but you never get called on. You assume that your teacher thinks your ideas are dumb.  19) You were daydreaming and missed what your teacher just said. He just called on you to answer his question, and you have NO idea how to answer!! How should you respond? a) You stare at your teacher and classmates' faces on zoom, and sit in silence, while your face gets hot.  b) You yell, "why did you call on me?! I didn't raise my hand! You're picking on me on purpose to make me look stupid!!" c) Ask your teacher to please come back to you because you need to think about your answer. Then, you also send your teacher a private message to please repeat what you missed. 

Perspective-Taking and Social Problem-Solving



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