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What’s your favourite sport? Why?, How will English be useful to you in the future?, What do you like doing after school?, Tell us about the area where you live, What’s your favourite school subject? Why?, Tell us about one of your teachers, What do you like doing at the weekends?, What kind of clothes do you like to wear?, Which sports do you enjoy playing or watching?, Tell us what you will use English for in the future, Tell us about a good friend of yours, What did you do yesterday evening?, Tell us about a country you would like to visit, Tell us about a film you have enjoyed watching, How did you travel to school today?, What are you going to do this weekend?, Tell us about where you would like to go on holiday. Why?, Tell us about the food you enjoy eating, What do you usually eat for breakfast?, What will you do this evening?, Tell us about what you enjoy doing with your Friends or family, Tell us about a normal day at school..

PET personal questions


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