Which is worse for your health: smoking or drinking?, Which is harder: maths or English?, Does technology make the world better or worse? Why?, Which game is more entertaining: Tetris or Angry Birds? Why?, Are you more creative now or when you were in elementary school?, Is it better to study English in class or online?, If you own a business, is it more important to be good with numbers or to be creative?, Are you smarter than your parents?, Are some people luckier than others or do people make their own luck?, Who is the best looking celebrity in your country? , Who is the craziest person you have ever met?, What´s the best restaurant you´ve ever been to?, What is the best song you´ve ever heard?, Who is the greatest baseball player ever?, Who is the best soccer player ever?, What is the most difficult thing about studying English?, What is the strangest product you have ever seen?, Who is the most creative person you know?, Where is the best place to go in your country for a vacation?, Who was the most important inventor in history?, When is the happiest time of a person’s life?, What is the most disgusting food you have ever eaten?, What is the saddest movie you have ever seen?, What country is the best to live in? Why?, What is the most exciting game you have ever played?, What´s the scariest movie you´ve ever seen?, Who´s the most stunning celebrity at the moment?, Who´s the most inspiring person you´ve ever met?, What´s the silliest work of art in Unit 4?.

Unit 4 Comparative and Superlative Questions


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