What are some examples of body language mostly men use? Women? Children?, How can you misinterpret someone's body language?, What differences in body language that foreigners use have you noticed? , Are there any kinds of body language that you find very annoying or awkward?, Do you like shaking hands with people? Do you think men and women should also shake hands when they meet?, How do you feel if somebody touches you during communication? , How do you feel if somebody you are not in communication with stares at you?, Eye contact is important in communication, but there are different ways of maintaining it, including a constant, fixed, contact, or looking people in the eye for a moment and then looking away. What sort of eye contact do you use/prefer?, Imagine you are a shy person, do you think that if you display confident body language that you will start to feel more confident?, Do you use body language to help you communicate when you speak English?, Does whistling irritate you? .


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