Where are you going after this class?, What time are you getting up tomorrow?, Are you seeing friends tonight?, How are you spending your next birthday?, What are you doing at the weekend?, Are you having a holiday in the next six months?, What are you doing next week?, Are you going shopping for food soon?, You are going to the dentist next month., We aren't playing the guitar on Saturday. The music teacher is sick., I'm not studying French this afternoon. I've got tennis practice., Next year they're visiting Wales with their parents., Next summer she is playing beach volley on the beach., I am going to a rock concert next weekend., Sheila isn't running the marathon on Wednesday., Joe and I are playing the drums with some friends tonight., Where are they travelling to?, When is your mum coming back from New York?, How are you going to school?, What time are you leaving tomorrow afternoon?, What are you cooking for dinner?, Is he doing karate with Peter tomorrow?, Are they sleeping in bunk beds at the hotel next summer?,


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