A hair stylist overhears something she shouldn't while cutting hair., A character wakes up knowing a new language, but forgets their mother tongue. Why?, A character buys a new coat, only to find a mysterious message sewn into the pocket., A character falls asleep in class and has an incredible dream., A museum security guard witnesses something strange happening at night., An elderly woman falls madly in love with a young boy., An adopted child starts to receive tens of letters from people who claim they're her parents., A character's twin sibling dies, and the twin attempts to fill their shoes., A liar starts a journal to keep track of their lies, but one day the journal is discovered., A parent steals their child’s invention idea and become millionaires., A character returns to their hometown and realizes they can never leave again., A murder causes a town to turn against one another., A granddaughter attempts to connect with her long-lost grandmother by cooking through the family cookbook., Two separate families become one after a marriage unites them., A character discovers they have the ability to visit the past and future, but at the risk that they'll lose something valuable., A character moves town to get away from his troubles but trouble keeps finding him., An English billionaire decides to host a series of contests in order to choose a worthy successor., Humans discover a new sentient plant life deep in the rainforests of Brazil., An international student struggles with the distance with her family., Three strangers win a getaway vacation together, A group of orphans attempt to make a home of their own., A woman is called on a mission to save her lover., A scientist develops and sells a medicine that saves lives, but isn't legal., A mother teaches her children to commit crimes for her., A character decides to fail all their classes in protest for something., A character moves to a new town and pretends to be someone they used to know., Two characters fall in love with each other, when they shouldn't., A character finds a journal with half of the pages torn out and tries to discover the missing pages., A robot becomes self-aware., A pawnshop owner faces the internal battle of selling items they know are valuable to others., A police officer confronts a mistake they made and hid while on the job., A scientist uncovers a secret portal that leads to a life changing future., A character is told a deep family secret that they must protect until their death, no matter how much it torments them., A character looks to escape a life threatening situation in a foreign country., A student returns home after 2 years and struggles to make connections with old friends., A brother and sister uncover an old letter from their parents that makes them question everything about their family history., A robot looks for a new occupation after being tossed into the trash., A character cleans out an old attic and must decide what to throw away and what to keep., A cat witnesses its owner committing a crime., A character finishes creating the first time travel machine, only to discover it can only move five-minutes into the past or the future., A bank robber changes their mind in the middle of a robbery., A character becomes obsessed with cleaning their home until it’s 100% clean., A student receives a grade they disagree with., A character tries to convince their friend to become vegan., A character can't stop crying, but doesn't know why., A character encounters someone they are sure is famous, and follows them home to make sure., A babysitter takes the kids to the zoo but gets lost., A character who collects dolls notices one is missing from the shelf., A girl prepares for her first day of school., A bank teller deals with a robbery., An old woman tries her hand at cooking for a man again for her first first date in over fifty years., A young woman sorts through her possessions before going off to college., A character adopts a stray cat off the street., A character attempts to enjoy a quiet day at the park, without success., A coffee barista attempts to repair an order gone terribly wrong., A salesperson struggles to meet their quota for the day., A woman finds the perfect dress only to discover its two sizes two small., A character overhears they’re going to be fired from their job., A cook finally finds the perfect ingredient., Two characters start a starring contest and neither want to lose., A character is forced to confront their fear of bugs when they are cornered in a room with one., A maid finds a terrible secret room in her employer’s mansion., A shoemaker cherishes the last night they'll ever make a shoe before they retire., A character attempts to keep cool in a conversation with the police., A sister brushes her siblings hair when the brush gets tangled and stuck., A librarian encounters an unusual amount of noise at work and must figure out what the commotion is., A newly homeless man goes through his first night on the streets., A character attempts to poison someone, only for it to poison themselves instead., A character discovers they have a terminal illness and decides to let people figure it out with a guessing game., A soccer team goes out to celebrate their recent victory only to discover their coach paid the other team to lose., A couple attempts to recreate the day they first met exactly as it occurred., A group of family members debate who is the most successful person., A parent and child finish building a tree fort together the night before a terrible storm., A character has a yard sale, but struggles to say goodbye to the items., An asteroid is heading toward Earth; people in a small town figure out how to spend their last day., Two married couples go on a trip to a resort in the tropics to fix their broken relationships., Two villains try and out-evil each other., When the law fails them, a group of townsfolk work together to stop crime in their town., A man struggles to return to a normal life after his wife dies., Two hospital patients befriend one another through the screen divider., A model confronts her aging appearance., Two old friends reconnect inside a broken elevator, A department store sales person runs into an old high school classmate who threatens to reveal information that could lose them their job., A mother prepares her daughter for an arranged marriage she knows will bring her misery., An addict tries to overcome their addiction., A book club meeting becomes chaotic when someone spoils the ending of the story., A taxi drivers deals with a night of various passengers., Two people receive a mysterious package and must figure out how to open it., An instructor attempts to inspire a bored aerobics class., A family moves into a new, safer neighbourhood, only to find that their past has followed them., A robot adjusts to life with a new family., A character imagines what their life would look like had they made different choices., An old scar from the past returns on your body. , A group of children discover a message in the bottle from the past., A poor young person inherits a large sum of money., A shy young girl bumps into her high school crush., A great journey/adventure is interrupted by a disaster., A fairy prince escapes to the city to live his life as a human., An old woman wakes up one morning and discovers she is 21 again., You wake up one morning and discover you are in another country..

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