1. Can you believe that my mom plans ____ me cook a meal next Sunday?2. Lily, I'll ____ you to tidy up your room, whether you want it, or not! 3. Coming back from Istanbul, we ____ the airline find all our bags and cases. 4. When he was at school, Vincent ____ to read, and spell, and count! He hated it so much! 5. Hypocrisy ____ want to vomit! I can't bear hypocrites! 6. You'd better work willingly! If not, you'll ____ to do it, anyway! 7. The vandals ____ to wash off the graffiti they had drawn on the wall. 8. When working with young people, it can be difficult ____ them stay calm and focused for more than 30 minutes. 9. The king ____ his secretary check all his mail for him. 10. This was a new idea, and it ____ me thinking about him in a different light.




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