He caught some students __________________(play) truant at the mall. , I found him ___________________(sit) on a park bench reading a book. , We left the others ______________________(wait) outside the cafe. , The teacher had the whole class ______________(sing) Mary Had a Little Lamb. , His problems got him _________________(go) to hospital for years. , The boss got the staff __________________(work) overtime., We'll have my brother _________________(stay) with us for a little while until he finds a new apartment., Finally, we got a mechanic ____________________(repair) the lift., I couldn't get her ___________________(understand) the problem., I'll have her __________________(copy) the document right away. , The teacher had me _______________(stay) after class to discuss my essay., I tried my best, but I couldn’t get the cat __________________ (come) down out of the tree., The head teacher made us __________________ (stay) behind after school., How did you get the car __________________ (go)? It wouldn’t start at all when I looked at it., My dad left us __________________ (sit) in the car while he watched the end of the football match., I want the essay __________________ (hand) in before the end of the day., I’d prefer you __________________ (not / make) such critical comments. I’m trying my best. Can’t you just support me?, It wasn’t easy to get my dad __________________ (give) us a lift, but I persuaded him in the end., It’s not my fault. My brother made me __________________ (do) it., I saw a Hollywood film star __________________ (do) his shopping in our local supermarket. I didn’t know whether to ask him for an autograph or not., I think everybody should have their breakfast __________________ (serve) in bed on their birthday., The teacher’s criticism has left me __________________ (think) I’m taking the wrong subjects., Amy keeps __________________ (ask) me to go to the cinema with her, but I don’t really want to go..


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