Romulus and Remus - twin brothers who founded Rome, republic - a type of government in which people elect their leaders, dictator - a leader with complete control, plebeians - common people, patricians - powerful and wealthy people, senate - a group of wealthy Romans who advised people, forum - a public meeting place in Rome, legion - organized groups of soldiers, Julius Caesar - a skilled and powerful general who was a dictator, Augustus - the first emperor of the Roman Empire who made many improvements to society, Pax Romana - 200-year period of peace and stability within the Roman Empire, Constantine - Roman emperor who reunited the empire, founded Constantinople, and practiced religious tolerance, Christianity - religion based upon teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, Roman Empire - big empire with territories on parts of three continents, aqueduct - channel that carried water into cities from the mountains, gladiator - a trained fighter who fought to the death in an arena like the Coliseum, colosseum - A large stadium in ancient Rome where athletic events took place, emperor - the ruler of an empire, Twelve Tables - laws of Rome, Tiber River - river that runs through Rome,




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