1) Phillipe Starck is considered to be the world's greatest designer of household objects. a) Phillipe Starck thinks this. b) Many people think this. 2) Tom Cruise is said to be the richest film star in the world. a) People think this, but it may not be true. b) This is a fact. 3) It is believed that the government will cancel the high speed railway line. a) The government believes this will happen. b) Some people believe this will happen. 4) How annoying! We were meant to have seats in the front row! a) They've given us seats in the front row. b) They haven't given us seats in the front row. 5) It has been suggested that Martin stole $100,000 from his employer's bank account. a) Some people say Martin did this. b) Martin says he did this.

GR Passive of Reporting Verbs. Choose the correct meaning, A or B.




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