1) Jenni _____ (watch) a film on TV. a) watched b) watch c) watchhed d) watchied 2) The boy _____ (finish) his homework. a) finish b) finishied c) finished d) finishd 3) The car _____ (stop) in the middle of the street. a) stoped b) stopped c) stop d) stopied 4) Sabrina _____ (wash) her hair with a new shampoo. a) wash b) washied c) washd d) washed 5) He _____ (dry) his clothes last night. a) dryd b) dried c) dry d) dryed 6) Last weekend I _____ (dance) with Felipe. a) dancied b) dancced c) danced d) dance 7) My grandmother _____ (drop) the cup. a) dropped b) dropied c) drop d) dropd 8) She _____ (carry) her suitcase to the bus. a) carry b) carryd c) carryed d) carried 9) The thieves _____ (rob) the old lady. a) robied b) rob c) robbed d) robed 10) They _____ (travel) to Paris a long time ago. a) travel b) travelled  c) travelied d) traveld


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