Hello Dan, I hope you're ____. I am having a great ____ in the countryside! I wish ____ were here. Thare are lots of ____ to do here. Last Friday we ____ camping with Grandad. We put up ____ and made a fire. Yesterday we went hiking in the mountains. I got ____ , but Grandad didn't get tired at all. He's fit! I need to ____ Granny with the animals now, so I ____ write any more. ____ love, Derek Hi Kate, I ____ you're ____. I'm having a ____ time in New York! I ____ you were here. There are lots of ____ to do here. Yesterday we ____ the city and went on a ____ tour. It was interesting but I ____ tired. Last Tuesday we ____ local food and went ____ a boat trip. Then we visited a ____. I bought some nice ____! Sorry, I ____ to help mum with our stuff packing, so I can't ____ any more. See you ____, Ivan

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