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main table (wood or stone) in a church where bread & wine is used. - altar, description of Jesus going up into heaven - ascension, entry into the Christian community (water is used) - baptism, restoring a Christian's relationship with God - atonement, The 'Happy' sayings of Jesus - Beatitudes, believe in transubstantiation - Catholics, Greek word for 'The Chosen One' - Christ, a statement of religious beliefs - creed, the most important Christian festival - Easter, the followers of Jesus who learnt from him - disciples, Also known and Thanksgiving or Holy Communion - Eucharist, the third person in the Holy Trinity - Holy Spirit, the week before Easter - Holy Week, the 40 days before Easter - Lent, the occasion that is remembered by Holy Communion - Last Supper, Catholic name for Eucharist - Mass, also known as thanksgiving or Eucharist - Holy Communion, the day when Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. - Maundy Thursday, the day when Jesus entering Jerusalem is remembered - Palm Sunday, The main Christian leader - Pope, the Christians that disagreed with Catholic thinking - Protestants, Jesus rising from the dead - Resurrection, ceremonies that mark moments of transition in life - rites of passage, day before Ash Wednesday and the day before Lent - Shrove Tuesday, Catholic belief that bread is the body & wine is blood of Jesus - transubstantiation, belief that God is present in 3 forms - Trinity, doing something that is wrong in the eyes of God - sin, honouring God through action - worship,

Y11 RE Keywords Christianity

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