Arctic: Animals that live here have to survive in very cold conditions, Animals often live in large groups to avoid predators and to keep warm, Predators have thick white fur, large feet and small ears , Desert: Plants and animals that live here have to be able to survive in great heat , Animals that live here often have very little fur, are active at night, have large ears and use very little water, Plants have spines instead of leaves and use their large stems to store water. They also have large root systems, Rainforest: Trees that grow here are tall to reach the sunlight above the other trees, Prey that live here have large eyes and big ears to see predators approaching in the dark conditions, Competition for water, light and space means that some plants grow very big and have large leaves, Ocean: Animals and plants that live here must be able to survive in the salt water, plants need to floating air sacs to get enough sunlight, Animals are streamlined to swim through the water and most breathe oxygen in the water,




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