1) Keeley is ________ girl in my class. a) tallest b) the tallest c) taller 2) New York is _______ city in the United States. a) the bigest b) biggest c) the biggest 3) Today is ________ (bad) day of my life. a) the badest b) the worse c) the worst 4) Maths is _________ subject at school. a) the most difficult b) the more difficult c) the difficultest 5) Alex is ______ (good) student in our school. a) the better b) the best c) the goodest 6) She has got _______ hair in her family. a) the curliest b) the curlyest c) the most curly 7) This car is ______ car in the world. a) the expensiver b) more expensive c) the most expensive 8) The blue whale is ________ animal in the world. a) the most largest b) the largest c) the most large 9) The African elephant is __________ animal in the world. a) the most heavy b) the heavyest c) the heaviest 10) Amancio Ortega is _____________ man in Spain a) the most richest b) the richest c) the most rich 11) Water is _________ drink. a) the healthiest b) healthier c) the most healthy 12) Pride and Prejudice is one of ________ books I've ever read. a) most interesting b) the interestingest c) the most interesting 13) The peregrin falcon is ________ animal in the world. a) the fastest b) the most fastest c) the most fast 14) Chimpanzees are one of animals with ____________ IQ. a) the most high b) higher c) the highest 15) Sarah is __________ baby I've ever seen. a) the most cute b) the cutest c) the cuter 16) Boxing is ______ sport in the world. a) the most hardest b) the hardest c) hardest 17) This is _______ pizza I've ever eaten! a) the most originaler b) the originalest c) the most original 18) This is ________ calculation to do. a) the easiest b) the most easy c) the easy 19) This is ______ sound. a) the annoying b) the most annoying c) the annoyingest 20) Chocolate is ___________ flavor! a) the deliciousest b) the most delicious c) the delicious




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