Neil Armstrong was a very famous A________ ., People who ask for money in the streets are called B_______ ., It's easy to ride a bike in Amsterdam because there are so many C______ ., The time of day when the sun rises is called D______ ., The cinema and the theatre are different forms of E________ ., Wembley and Old Trafford are famous F______ ., A phrasal verb meaning moving from place to place in the city is G______ ., H_______ people live and sleep in the street., The phone was I_____ by Alexander Bell., When there are long queues of the cars in the rush hour, there's a traffic J___ ., Edward VIII was the only British K____ who abdicated., Another word for baggage is L______ ., That holiday will always be M________ . I'll never forget it!, The area where you live is your N________ ., O______ is the problem of the city where too many people live., You can't drive here! It's a P_______ area!, Another way of saying 'silence' is peace and Q______ ., The place where you can get a taxi is called taxi R______ ., A poor area where the houses are in a bad condition is called S______ ., Einstein is famous for his T______ of relativity., The have their U___ and downs but they're happily married., We need five people to be V______ for the experiment., I hope the W______ is going to be good tomorrow. We're planning a picnic., X_____ wouldn't exist without discovery of radiation., New Y_____ is sometimes called the city of skyscrapers., Most big cities have a Z____ where you can see wild animals..

New English File Upper-Intermediate File 6 Alphabet Race


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