kidney - the two organs in the body that remove waste products from the blood and produce urine, scalp - the skin that covers the part of the head , skull - the bone structure that forms the head , ankle - it is connecting the foot to the leg , blood - the red liquid that flows through the bodies of humans and animals, bottom - the lowest part of something, wrist  - the part between the hand and the arm, calf  - the back part of the leg between the ankle and the knee, cheek - side of the face below the eyes, intestine - A long tube in the body. Food passes through it, muscle - The tissue that forms the muscles of the body, elbow - the part between the upper and lower parts of the arm, heart - the organ in the chest that sends blood around the body, usually on the left in humans, jaw - either of the two bones at the bottom of the face that move when you talk or eat, nail - the part covering the tip of the fingers or toes, rib - bones that surround the chest, shin - the front part of the leg below the knee, stomach - the organ inside the body where food goes when you eat , thigh - the top part of the leg between the knee and the hip, throat - the front part of the neck, spine  - the small bones that are connected together in the middle of the back, thumb - the short finger at the side of the hand, toe - one of the five small parts of the foot, waist - the area between the hips and the ribs, heel - the back part of the foot below the ankle, hip - the area the top of the leg and the middle part of the body, chest - the top part of the front of the body, between the neck and the stomach,

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