When the Roman Empire fell - When did the Middle Ages begin?, Dark Ages or Medieval Times - What is another name for the Middle Ages?, Feudalism - What was the government called where land was exchanged for loyalty, Kings - Who was the most powerful during the Middle Ages, Knights - Who was below the Lord, Serfs - Who was the lowest member of the feudal system, On a hill - Where was the best place for a castle to be built, Moat - Many castles were built with a ditch filled with water. What was it called, to protect the castle - What was the purpose of a Moat, Competition that knights played on horses - What was jousting, serfs - Who did not usually live in a Medieval town, Apprentice, Journeyman and then Master Craftsman - What were the stages of becoming a craftsman, William the Conquerer - What was the name of the Duke who conquered England?, King John - Who was forced to sign the Magna Carta, Carried by fleas in fur of rodents - How was the Black Death Spread?, Black Death, Crusades and inventions of guns - What ended the Middle Ages?, Protects you - What was one benefit of living in a castle?, Built on hill - people fought against you - What was one drawback of living in a caste?, They can eventually become a craftsman - One benefit of becoming an apprentice, They have to live far away for a long time - One drawback of becoming an apprentice, Because they need money and they are poor - Why cant a serf become a knight?, Before William conquered it - people spoke Germans. But William of Normady who conquered it spoke French - so they merged both to become English. - Why is the English language made up of words influenced by both French and Germanic, Crusades, Not allowed to own land, Black Death - Give 2 examples of hardships that Jews faced in Middle Ages?,

History Review 4th Grade




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