1) The fish was delicious, but I found ___ bones. a) a little b) a few 2) A good diet can prevent ___ illnesses. a) lot of b) a lot of 3) "How was the job interview?" "It was OK. I wasn't ___ nervous." a) too b) enough 4) I think I have ___ to pay for this. a) enough money b) money enough 5) ___ milk do you drink? a) How much b) How many 6) You should be friendly, but not ___ friendly. a) too b) too much 7) Could I have ___ milk, please? a) a little b) a few 8) She spends ___ money on shoes. a) too many b) too much 9) You don't do ___ exercise. a) many b) much 10) I can't teach children. I'm not ___. a) patient enough b) enough patient 11) ___ chocolate isn't good for you. a) Too much b) Too many 12) ___ hours do you study each day? a) How many b) How much 13) Don't spend ___ time at the computer. a) too much b) too many 14) I couldn't finish the work because I didn't have ___. a) time enough b) enough time 15) I have ___ clothes. I can never decide what to wear. a) too many b) too much 16) We're buying ___ things for our new flat. a) a little b) a few 17) Are you ___ to go to work today? a) enough well b) well enough 18) I'm going to have ___ free time this weekend. a) very little b) very few 19) He does ___ housework every day. a) a few b) a little 20) We buy ___ vegetables. We never eat them all! a) too many b) too much




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