Simile - A comparison where one thing is compared to another, using words 'like' or 'as', Metaphor - A comparison where one thing is said to actually be another, Personification - Assigning human characteristics to something that isn't human, Alliteration - The repetition of the same sound at the beginning of words for effect, Onomatopoeia - Words which imitate a sound, Adjective - A word which describes a noun, Adverb - A word which describes a verb, Imperative - A command, Emotive Language - Words which appeal to the reader's emotions, Verb - A word which shows the action, state of being, or that has a tense, Rhetorical Question - A question that doesn't need an answer , Opinions - A view formed about something , Facts - Can be proven , Statistics - Numerical evidence , Colloquial Language  - Informal language , Anecdote - Short story , Humour  - The quality of being amusing , Quotations  - A group of words of a speaker that are repeated , Contrast - Different to something else , Questions and Answers - Questions that are asked and then answered , Irony  - Using words that mean the opposite, with humorous effect, Sarcasm  - Verbal use of words to upset ,

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