accused - The police stopped me and ... me of dangerous driving., burglar - When we got home last night, we discovered that a ... had broken into our house and stolen our laptops., committed - The police still don't know who ... the crime., dealer - The name for a person who sells illegal drugs: drug ... ., evidence - There wasn't enough ... to prove that he was guilty., fraud - The gang committed ... by making fake Euro notes., guilty - The judge found the accused not ... of the crime., hacker - I was furious when a ... used my identity on Twitter., innocent - I honestly didn't do anything wrong officer. I'm ... !, jury - Twelve people make up the members of a .... ., kidnapped - The gang ... the businessman and then demanded money for his return., acquitted - When somebody is ... of a crime, the police let them go., mugger - A ... is somebody who attacks or threatens you in the street and tries to steal something from you., offence - Another word for a crime is an ... ., pickpockets - Be careful of ... when you go into town! They can take your wallet without you noticing., question - The police wanted to ... the suspect about his alibi., robberies - There have been several ... in this area. Remember to always lock your door!, stalker - A ... is somebody who watches and follows another person in a frightening way., theft - A common crime on the internet is identity ... ., verdict - Depending on the ... , the accused will either be sentenced or be released., witnesses - Neither of the two ... were particularly reliable. They both gave completely different descriptions of the mugger!,




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