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Verb - The only word class that can take a tense ('ran' 'run' 'running') V______, Noun - A person, place, animal, object, or abstract thing such as a feeling, emotion, or quality ('love' 'hope' 'hunger' 'mystery') N_____, Adjective - Come before nouns (the red car) or after verbs (the car is blue ) A_________, Superlative - The most extreme example of an adjective (big > bigger > biggest) S___________, Adverb - Modifies or changes a verb (He walked quickly ), an adjective (It's very expensive), another adverb (The film ended too soon) or a whole sentence (Unfortunately, she can't come to the party.) A______, Metaphor - A description or comparison that is not literally true ('My heart is broken.' 'A blanket of snow fell.') M_______, Simile - Compares something to something else using 'like' or 'as' ('Her heart is like a ticking clock.' 'She is as wild as a tiger.' S______, Pathetic Fallacy - A type of personification that uses nature to reflect moods and ideas ('The howling wind tore over the hills as the men fought for their lives.') P_______ F________, Personification - Giving human characteristics to non human things ('The cruel sea.' 'Angry clouds gathered.' P______________,


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