1) A hotel is a place __________ people stay when they're on holiday. a) which b) who c) where d) when 2) What's the name of the woman __________ lives in that house? a) who b) whose c) which d) that 3) What do you call someone __________ writes computer programs? a) which b) that c) whose d) who 4) A waiter is a person __________ job is to serve customers in a restaurant. a) that b) whose c) which d) who 5) Overalls are clothes __________ people wear to protect their clothes when they are working. a) where b) which c) who d) that 6) Is that the shop __________ you bought your new laptop? a) where b) whose c) who d) when 7) He's the man __________ son plays football for Manchester Utd. a) who b) whose c) which d) that 8) Christmas is a time __________ families come together. a) which b) where c) when d) who 9) Adnan didn't get the job __________ he applied for. a) that b) where c) whose d) which 10) This is the video __________ I wanted to show you. a) that b) when c) whose d) which 11) She's the woman __________ cuts my hair. a) whose b) who c) which d) that 12) I already loved my partner _________ we got married. a) when b) who c) which d) where

Relative Clauses Quiz 1


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