1) I _____ tell anyone your secret! a) am not telling b) won’t  c) am not going to d) won’t be telling 2) Emily ___ (see) the doctor on Thursday morning a) is seeing b) will see c) is going to see 3) I think humans ___ (travel) to Mars in 2080 a) travel b) are going to c) will 4) This time tomorrow I ___ (wait) for you at the bus station a) am waiting b) will be waiting c) am going to wait d) will wait 5) - I’m late! - Don’t worry, I ___ (drive) you to work! a) am going to drive b) am driving c) will drive 6) My friends and I ___ (visit) Greece in summer a) will visit b) are going to visit c) are visiting 7) What time ___ the Ellen’s show (start)? a) is ...starting b) will ... start? c) does ... start? d) is ... going to start? 8) On the 5th of May my Mum and Dad ___ (celebrate) their wedding anniversary! a) will celebrate b) are going to celebrate c) are celebrating d) celebrate 9) Perhaps my dog ___ (eat) this meat a) won’t eat b) isn’t going to eat c) doesn’t eat d) isn’t eating 10) Sam didn’t study for the exam. I’m sure he ___ (fail) a) is going to fail b) fails c) will be failing d) will 11) Terrible storm! It ____ (destroy) the trees! a) destroys b) is going to destroy c) will destroy d) will be destroying 12) Wow! Tomorrow at 3pm my sister ___ (take) an exam, so don’t call her! a) will be taking b) takes c) is going to take 13) I'm so sorry, but I _______________(busy) tomorrow! a) will busy b) will be busy c) is going to busy d) is going to be busy 14) Today she _______(study) English very hard. a) will study b) will be studying c) is going to study d) will have studied 15) He _______(not be) a school teacher. He thinks it's too complicated. a) won't be b) won't have been c) won't be being d) isn't going to be e) not be 16) We _______(watch) the new episode of "Riverdale" by 8 pm tomorrow. a) will watch b) will have watched c) will be watching d) is going to watch e) are going to watch 17) They _______(watch) the new episode of "Legacies" tonight. a) will watch b) will have watched c) will be watching d) is going to watch e) are going to watch 18) _______( you/watch) the new episode of "Nancy Drew" tonight? a) will you watch b) will have you watched c) will you be watching d) is you going to watch e) are going you to watch 19) _______( you/relax) at the seaside this holiday? a) Will you relax b) Will have you relaxed c) Will you be relaxing d) Are you going to relax e) Are going you to relax f) Are you relaxing 20) The trolly __________ (come) at half past seven every morning. a) come b) will come c) will be come d) is going to come e) comes f) is coming


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