1) No women were involved in the Fur Trade. a) True b) False 2) All trading posts were located on... a) a road b) a hill c) a river d) Lake Superior 3) People who carried and canoed through the Great Lakes a) Suppliers b) Interpreters c) Voyageurs d) Hunters 4) This person had knowledge of multiple languages in order to help traders negotiate. a) Interpreter b) Supplier c) Clerk d) Trader 5) They could read and write and were in charge of one or more trading posts. a) Hunters b) Clerk c) Fur Trader d) Voyageurs 6) Dakota and Ojibwe who helped Europeans find their way through waterways and forests. a) Voyageurs b) Guides c) Clerks d) Suppliers 7) This person managed the day-to-day business at the trading post.  a) Voyageur b) Pelt Preparer c) Clerk d) Hunter 8) They hunted and trapped animals for meat and furs to trade. a) Hunters b) Guides c) Clerks d) Traders 9) They provided clothing (Moccasins) & food (meat, maple sugar, & wild rice) to traders for winter. a) Interpreters b) Voyageurs c) Ojibwe and Dakota d) Guides 10) Europeans benefitted from the fur trade in the following ways: a) They got furs that were valuable to the fur trade company. b) Traders, Clerks, and Voyageurs received food and clothing in winter. c) They created friendships with Native American Nations d) All of the above. 11) Native Americans benefitted from the fur trade in the following ways: a) They traded for new technologies that made work less difficult. b) They made millions of dollars. c) They traded for items they wanted like beads and red dye. d) They traded for French foods. 12) How did the arrival of European fur trade change the Dakota and Ojibwe lifestyles and culture? a) Manufactured goods like steel axes and traps replace bone tools. b) Native Americans spend more time on furs to trade for goods. c) Christianity is introduced to the Dakota and Ojibwe people. d) Dakota and Ojibwe women begin to marry traders and voyageurs. 13) Why did Europeans want North American furs? a) To make felt hats that symbolized wealth and power. b) They overhunted animals in Europe - fur furs remained there. c) Beavers furs in North America were much better.  d) Beavers only live in North America. 14) Why did Native Americans want trade goods? a) It made life easier. b) Manufactured goods could be fireproof. c) Beads and dyes made clothing more beautiful and colorful. d) They wanted clothing that was less work to produce. 15) What is this? a) a beaver b) a muskrat c) a hippopotomus d) an otter 16) Some European men married Native American women. a) True b) False 17) A beaver hat in the 1700's and 1800's is like what brand today? a) Walmart Brand b) A hoodie sweatshirt c) Gucci d) Goodwill




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