1) Don't forget ___ Mr Moriarty at 10 o'clock this morning. a) meeting b) to meet 2) I stopped ___ years ago. a) smoking b) to smoke 3) I'll never forget ___ her for the first time. a) meeting b) to meet 4) I tried ___ her at work, but the line was busy. a) reaching b) to reach 5) I don't remember ever ___ this museum. a) visiting b) to visit 6) I remembered ___ the cat. a) feeding b) to feed 7) Oh, no! I completely forgot ___ my sister a wedding gift! a) buying b) to buy 8) Try ___ some tomatoes to your salad.  a) adding b) to add 9) Last summer my friend tried ___ mountain Elbrus. a) climbing b) to climb 10) We had worked hard all morning, so at midday we stopped ___ a coffee and a sandwich. a) having b) to have 11) Did you remember ___ that bag of apples I asked you to get. We need those apples for the cake this evening. a) buying b) to buy 12) You should stop ___ to that biker club. It's taking up too much of your time. a) going b) to go 13) It's strange that I remember ___ to school the first time when I was five but I don't remember when we moved house a year later. a) going b) to go 14) I tried ___ the thieves but they were both on motorbikes and it was useless running after them. a) stoping b) to stop 15) I remember ___ a packet of spaghetti but now I can’t see it in the bag. a) buying b) to buy 16) Remember ___ your pockets before doing your laundry! a) emptying b) to empty 17) I remember ___ that movie. It was so funny! a) watching b) to watch

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